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Wellfleet Flea Market Finds ~August 2018~

Wellfleet Flea Market Finds ~August 2018~

Hey Modern Farmhouse Girl!

I don't know about you, but I love a little sparkle. Not necessarily in my home decor (glitter just isn't modern farmhouse style...yet), but in my accessories? I say glitter all day! If you know me well (or somewhat well), you've probably gotten a sparkly Christmas card from me. I always like to make my own Christmas cards in celebration of my favorite season (hey, it's Jesus' birthday and I bet he likes a little sparkle too!), and I always like to include glitter with my cards! (So now, new friends, you're warned: have the vacuum cleaner on hand when you're opening your mail this holiday season!) Hot tip: Martha Stewart brands sells my favorite craft glitter and it's always sold in fabulous colors at Joann Fabrics or Michaels.

Case in point: my iPhone case (ha!) which I flash all day—a clear Kate Spade one—says in gold: "GLITTER IS MY FAVORITE COLOR." It also has gold glitter in some sort of clear liquid solution that I can shake from one side of my phone to the other. It just makes me smile!

But I'll get to my point now, and the point of this blog post: I have always loved vintage jewelry—and in my opinion, sparkly vintage jewelry is the best kind of vintage jewelry! Bangles in particular. I've always found bracelets easy to throw on with any outfit and I have no problem mixing and matching them. I also love wearing multiple at a time. Bangles are perfect for stacking!

So, of course, on my family summer vacation to Cape Cod I had to stop at the Wellfleet Flea Market. It's one of my all-time favorite flea markets (I can even say I've gone for 20 plus years!). And here's what you should know about it: It's an awesome place to shop for accessories! You're sure to find vintage jewelry every time you go—and glittery bangles—galore. 

On this year's visit, 67 vendors were set up in the parking grounds of the Wellfleet Drive-In Movie Theatre. The flea market is held there on weekends, plus Wednesdays and Thursdays all summer. It's an adorable place and you really should go if you're in the area; you can also go see a double-special in the evening, because it remains a real drive-in movie spot to this day. Anyway, once you pay $2 for parking, you're greeted by tents of jewelry sparkling under the salty breeze.


I used to shop for ankle bracelets and toe rings here (such classic beachy and classic-teenager items of jewelry!), but I've also found necklaces, earrings and rings at Wellfleet from various dealers that I still own and wear today. You can also get great deals on sunglasses, watches and bags. It's truly the best flea market I know of to shop for accessories. (One year I was really into red and bought a bright red purse I used as a book-bag for years in high school there.) Be warned: It's not a good spot to shop for furniture or big antique pieces, but there are always a lot of cute, small beach-themed items, perfect for decorating a Cape Cod beach house. (Once I own a house on the Cape, I will definitely frequent the flea market for fun decor!)

Below is a snapshot of some fun beach-themed items I noticed and had to snap pictures of, plus some jewelry I spotted...and bangles I walked away with. I had $13 dollars in my pocket and sometimes it's fun to give yourself a budget of only what's in your pocket! (Exactly what I did that day). I ended up visiting my favorite vintage jewelry dealer (see below) who sold me three bracelets for $12...and I picked up a fourth one for $1 from a different dealer. I got my glitter on!









Entering the flea market, you can pass the Ellie the dolphin or stop in her beer garden for snacks.














Gotta love a gingham ball cap! Can I call it: modern farmhouse meets mermaid? 












Not for my future beach house...but for someone who likes Jaws?!!


I always appreciate thoughtful curation and loved this display...(and I love a good clam basket, below!) 







Above—adorable plate. Below—fitting vacation sentiments on a floppy hat. 


I didn't take enough photos of all of the jewelry vendors, but I would estimate jewelry tents made up at least 1/4 if not 1/2 of the Wellfeet Flea Market on the day I visited (and most days).


I always have fun trying on rings...(please excuse my nails)











Moonstone Vintage Jewelry is my absolute favorite dealer! She has an amazing collection of vintage jewels..she has a ton of bakelite, if you're into that...she always sells cameos... and she tells me she shops at Brimfield (which I posted about here) — not sure if she sells there...either way, look for her at Wellfleet! 


I bought the bottom three bracelets (black with rhinestones, mint green with rhinestones and spaced diamonds) from Moonstone Vintage Jewelry. She gave me a sweet deal: $12 for all three! And I picked up the pink sparkly rhinestone bracelet for $1 from another dealer who was selling everything on her table for $1. (You can't beat that.) Of course, I went for what I love: light pink, mint green and sparkles! I know I can mix-and-match these four bracelets to jazz up any outfit (and they actually look kind of cute together if I don't say so myself!) 


Excited to realize on the way to the beach that the green bracelet is actually from J. Crew (and not vintage), but definitely worth more than the $12 I spent on it plus the other two bracelets from Moonstone Vintage Jewelry! And this is why I love thrifting! 

Have you ever been to the Wellfleet Flea Market? What did you find there? 



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