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How to Style Your Bookcases Like Joanna Gaines (or a Unicorn)

How to Style Your Bookcases Like Joanna Gaines (or a Unicorn)

Hey Modern Farmhouse Girl!

Just want to report on my current status because it’s pretty #modernfarmhousegirlyrightnow. I’m (1) cuddling with my cat while (2) drinking a glass of TJ’s boxed red wine while (3) reading the winter issue of The Magnolia Journal (my copy just came in today’s mail and you’re gonna LOVE IT!) while…yes…I’ll stay honest..unfortunately (4) snacking on some Halloween candy (but I’m telling myself it’s not a big deal to eat just a few teeny tiny pieces…right?!!)

Spotlight off me for a sec: Are YOU ready for trick-or-treaters? How much candy do you buy every year? Last year I found out the hard way I didn’t have enough (I had to turn off my front porch light—the shame!) because I RAN OUT of candy after an hour and a half. Not this year. Oh no.

This year my sweet friend and neighbor took me to Costco with her (she has a membership) and I stocked UP. I currently have at least-almost-or-okay-after-tonight-definitely-a-few-pieces-of-candy-less-than the 300 pieces I bought (two bags of 150 candies each). Despite my harmless and light snacking, I should be good to go! And I can’t wait. I’m dressing up as a Vermont Princess: a long pink bridesmaid’s dress (hey Emsies!) plus a classic red flannel (American Eagle?) plus the crown my friend (hey Leann!) gave me on my 21st birthday. Maybe I’ll post an Instagram pic!?

But my Halloween happenin’s are definitely not why you clicked this blog post. You clicked the link because you’re wondering how Joanna Gaines styles her bookcases. And also how a Unicorn would style hers.

Well, here it is, friends. The two ways I’m styling my books right now because I wanted to change it up. What do you think?/What do you like better?/What do you do?!

The Joanna Gaines Way to Style Your Bookcase

a.k.a. The Inside Out


I call this Joanna’s way, because after years now of watching her TV show and reading her magazine, I realized something. The books all look SO COHESIVE because she flips them around (like so!). I think it’s a totally farmhouse fresh look and I’m in love with it. The only obvious problem is, once you need to find a book, you need to remember where to look…or you’re going to have to turn your whole bookcase inside-out…the other way!

My tip: Follow Jo’s style on books you probably won’t be reading anytime soon. This bookcase (shown) holds college textbooks and non-fiction books I don’t really want to read again but also don’t want to get rid of.

A bookcase on the opposite side of my living room holds fiction books and I’ve styled them the same way:


Also, here’s a bookcase I have in my bedroom. These are some of my favorite books, so I know each and every one of them and will be able to find them easily (even though they are turned around in Jo’s style).


The Unicorn Way to Style Your Bookcase

a.k.a. The Rainbow


I tried the Joanna Way to style my cookbooks…until I realized, I wanted to know which cookbook was which. So, I categorized them in rainbow order.

My very smart and creative friend Jolee recommended another fun idea, which I would like to try at some point: getting pretty paper and making covers for my cookbooks (you know, like back how you covered your textbooks in high school?) I think that would look amazing, and as it is, the rainbow display doesn’t feel at all #modernfarmhouse to me. It’s just fun, and I’m digging it right now.

Did someone say “bookends”?

I love these quotation mark bookends I got last summer at Home Goods. And as you can see, I’ve styled the books in them the Joanna Way.


Collecting Books for Color

Another fun way to style your books is to collect books all in the same color. My two favorite colors are pink (which I’ve only recently realized as it’s been pointed out to me…I have a LOT of pink in my house!) and mint green.

I bought this amazing tome about organic gardening for 25 cents at a book sale, simply for the color. But actually, it’s really fun to page through. And I’d love to collect more books in this color. Maybe some books that are pink too! Who knows?!


Because I love to read, it seems I’m always collecting new books. So I’m sure I’ll have a follow-up to this post at some point with more styling ideas.

For now, just want to say Costco is AMAZING and they have a really great book section! I spotted Joanna’s cookbook there, plus I walked home with Clint Harp’s book “Handcrafted,” which I’m super excited to read.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 12.04.41 AM.png

Now, it’s time to get back to my issue of The Magnolia Journal. There’s a really sweet essay section called “In The Waiting” and I know it’s gonna be good!!



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